VOTT In Concert

“Voice of the Tuba – In concert” Series

The Voice of the Tuba – In Concert series consists of a range of varied concerts each year. These feature quality musicians performing in recitals and in co concert (chamber music) events.

Tuba soloist, John Szkutko, is the producer and soloist for this concert series.

The concept for the series evolved from John’s desire to perform regular concerts, showcasing the musical value of the tuba. John achieves this goal by presenting highly varied and entertaining recitals.

Tubas can also be a complimentary chamber music instrument, so part of the series has developed into co concerts with other quality musicians.

Co concerts feature the guest artist as the main soloist, with John performing complimentary solos. The remainder of the concert features a variety of entertaining and enjoyable duets between the artists.

Tuba duets with other instruments can be a rare type of music to find. Consequently, new duets are written by John and his co musicians, with world premiere performances at their specific concert.

Further series development has led to presenting other fine musicians with their own featured concerts. This inclusion has created even more diversity and variety for our audiences.

The VOTT – In concert series has developed the following format for 2018 and onward.

4 Concerts featuring John Szkutko
4 Concerts with a guest artist and John Szkutko
4 Concerts featuring an invited artist.

Maleny and its surrounding areas, is renowned for its clean air, positive atmosphere and arts inspired communities.

The Maleny Community Centre had been chosen as the ideal performance venue for the VOTT – In Concert series. It is centrally located in Maleny and has excellent acoustic properties. With a seating capacity of 250, a personal, intimate and enjoyable concert setting is provided for the audience. This factor helping create an exceptional performing environment for the musicians.

This series will benefit Maleny, Hinterland and coastal communities in the following ways. It will

1. add a highly enjoyable and entertaining concert series to the music and arts environment of the Sunshine Coast.

2. provide young musicians from the Sunshine Coast schools access to and interaction with professional musicians, in an enjoyable concert setting.

3. provide diverse and entertaining chamber music performances and creation of new music.

Planned for the future, with the Sunshine Coast communities ongoing support of this series, larger chamber ensembles will be contracted to perform for this series, adding even more entertainment and diversity.

For all enquiries, please contact John Szkutko