Miraphone vs Yamaha

Miraphone 1291 Bb tuba – Yamaha Neo Bb Tuba

I have had the opportunity to try a Yamaha Neo Bb tuba. This was a quick 5 minute comparison after a band practice one night.

Immediately it was comfortable to hold, for the usual brass band Bb tuba. The new position of the 4th valve works for me. It was almost like holding an Eb tuba.

Low register (after introducing myself to this tuba) was quite even. Less resistance than its Sovereign predecessors but still more than a 1291.

Sound? Great sound, even across all registers. Even after knowing the horn a lot better after 5 minutes of tootling, its presence of sound did not not compare with the 1291. The difference in bore size is the deal breaker for me. I’m not a bigger is better gung ho tuba geek, I just love the huge presence of the 1291 compared to the Neo.

I’ve heard nothing but great comments about the Neo from brass band tuba players in the UK. I agree with them, about being the best “traditional Bb bass” for a brass band. I have had nothing but positive comments about the 1291 sound in a brass band.

I hope this article will help your tuba selection process.